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Burhaan Kinu

Burhaan Kinu was born and raised in the conflict zone of Kashmir. His tryst as a photojournalist began when he started covering the Kashmir conflict and ever since he has extensively covered the uprisings and conflict in Kashmir from the city streets to the villages. His work has taken him from Kashmir to the North East and to various other parts of India, including the bordering earthquake torn country of Nepal. Burhaan's main goal and focus is to effectively represent the world around him, to provide a space to marginalized voices and construct alternative visions. Through his work, he has seen violence and conflicted spaces, destruction, poverty, resistance and oppression and always strived to bring them out in significant visual representation. His work has published nationally and internationally including, TIME, Huffington Post, BBC World, ABC News, Bloomberg, CNBC, Corbis, Getty Images among others. 

Burhaan worked as a staff Photojournalist at national newspaper Hindustan Times in New Delhi, India since early 2012 till May 2020. Prior to this, he used to work as a Freelancer and for Kashmir Observer in Srinagar, Kashmir. His work was also chosen as one of the 52 best photographs worldwide by Huffington Post in December 2013. Recently, Burhaan's work was exhibited and featured in University of Wisconsin's (Madison), South Asia conference, Kashmir Studies panel, where eminent scholars and writers on Kashmir discussed his representation of Kashmir's people and politics through a series of photo essays done by him.


© Copyright | Burhaan Kinu | 2023 | All Rights Reserved

© Copyright | Burhaan Kinu | 2024 | All Rights Reserved

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